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If you need permanent ports john or temporary ones; we have what you need   

  • We provide clean and fully maintained portable toilets with all the amenities you need in one place, making sure that one simple call gets you classy, affordable, and convenient porta potty for rent.
  • Our toilets come standard with anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and 3 rolls of toilet paper. We will make sure you will always have a clean portable toilet to use. Our service technicians date and initial the service sticker after each service. We will remove the waste, recharge the deodorizer solution, removing any minor graffiti, restocking supplies and sanitizing the whole interior.
  • Recommended Quantity: (1) Portable Restroom per (10) Employees over normal (40) hour work week.
Preventive Measures
  • REGULAR SEPTIC OR CESSPOOL PUMPING: With regular pumping, we can remove the debris, sludge and other harmful things that can cause damage or backups. Frequency needs vary.
  • SEPTIC SYSTEM FILTER: Cleaning the filters will keep the bad substances out of your leach field. We will clean the filter out at each pumping
  • BACTERIAL ADDITIVE PRODUCTS: To keep the bacteria breaking down the organic solids we recommend a bacterial additive (once a month should be fine) but out staff can also boost your system for further break down of the waste
  • ANNUAL INSPECTIONS: On a yearly basis we can inspect your drain field to make sure everything is working properly before a serious problem can occur. We check for
  1. damages to the components
  2. Measurement of sludge depth
  3. indicators of the drain fields inability to hold water
  4. compaction of the drain field
  5. shrubs and tree placement that can harm the drain field
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3509 Quail Meadow Dr Hillsborough NC 27278

Pumping License NSC-00836
Installer NC License: #1219
NC Septic Installer License #1214
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